I shared with you all on our Instagram that we were headed to Kona, Hawaii a while back. Because we fly standby, we tried to make it to Kona and didn’t make the flight, then we tried to make it to Kauai, and then tried Honalulu and didn’t make either. Ha ha! We finally tried Maui and made that flight! We love Maui. Blayne and I have now been there 4 times together and each time gets better. This trip we decided to try some things that we haven’t done before and I think it made the trip far more fun than any time we have been there in the past. This day in Maui that I am sharing with you was a day at the beach. We drove along the south east coast and found a small opening to the beach which led us to this beautiful hidden paradise. We found a place to set up our hammock and just relaxed all day.

There are all sorts of baby wraps out there. Before becoming a mom, I thought one baby wrap would be all I would need for any situation, but in the past four months I have found that to be completely untrue. I had heard a lot about the Bozi Baby wraps for the beach so I decided to contact the company to see if we could collaborate for our Hawaii beach trip. They were so nice to work with us and I seriously am in love with their product! The stretchy fabric is perfect for any beach day because it is waterproof and it isn’t as hot to wear as a lot of the other baby carrying wraps. A bonus is you can also wear it in the shower!

I first saw a hat similar to this one on one of my favorite bloggers, Gary Pepper Girl a couple of years back. I have been searching for one at an affordable price point since then and I finally found one at Life Has Just Begun on Etsy! Yay!! She hand makes all of her hats and can custom design anything that you want your hat to say. I was very happy with my “do not disturb” sun hat.

If you ever find yourself in Maui looking for some great poke, check out Foodland (their local grocery store). They have a HUGE variety of poke that are all freshly caught that same day!

I broke up our Hawaii trip into three posts, so keep an eye out the rest of this month for some more Maui photos!

Sun hat: Life has just begun // Bozi Baby wrap // Pants: Mara Hoffman // Swimming suit: Trina Turk

I can not believe that I forgot to post these photos! We took these at Brian Head when we went with my family for Thanksgiving. Jack was not even a month old! It is crazy how much he has grown in only 3 months.  This necklace is one of my current favorites! I got it from […]

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Blayne and I love doing day trips! We have been really lucky to get free flights in the US for the past year because of one of Blayne’s internships so we are trying to take advantage of that while it lasts! Neither of us had ever been so Seattle so we decided to check out […]

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I have been loving this super soft dress from Jessica Sievers- Shop Stevie!  Most of my dresses come right above my knee and with these new breastfeeding boobs they are way too short! This dress is the perfect length where I don’t have to worry about it when I bend over. It also has pockets which […]

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Wearing nail polish has always been “My Thing”. I honestly don’t remember the last time I went a long period of time with out having nail polish on my nails. At times I find it therapeutic to paint my finger nails.  Not saying I don’t love to go get my nails done at a salon […]

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