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IT’S ABOUT TIME RIGHT?! I know Logan’s family and mine were so tired of waiting to find out what we are having and let me tell you its NOT an easy secret to keep ha ha. If you couldn’t already tell from the pictures and video, we are having a BOY and are SO excited about it! I feel like everyone is having boys right now. I really am so excited it is a boy though, Robyn my sister is having a boy as well so our little buddies can be best friends! Logan and I had so much fun planning this party. All of Logans family live here in Vegas and with some of mine in Utah, Thanksgiving weekend (which isn’t a busy enough time already right?) we had the party. Im so thankful all of our family came and supported. It was such a blast. We had the party in my in-laws backyard. Because the weather has finally cooled off we had yummy soup in soup bowls from Kneaders (mine and Logan’s favorite). Then we had everyone pop a black balloon that had the color blue confetti in it to announce we were having a boy! As you could tell from the video ha my poor dads balloon popped before everyone else’s. The wind caught it and “POP” it went. He felt so bad. I was drilling into the kids heads to not pop them early I never thought I would have to tell the adults ha ha ha. We were kinda lucky the group was so big though cause my dad was on one end so the other where the kids were they had no idea one had popped. But it was so much fun to see everyones reactions. We’re so happy we got a video of it. If you are considering throwing a gender reveal party I highly recommend it. Its fun to have everyones reaction at the same time.




        These past couple of weeks have been the most amazing- and exhausting weeks of my life! We are so obsessed with this little boy of ours. I wouldn’t say that he has passed any significant milestones yet (he is still less than a month old) but I do feel like he is getting stronger […]

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PILLOW: Boppy    Today the baby bump is making its first appearance on the blog! Even though in my opinion I just look a lot chunkier then usual and not pregnant. I mean don’t get me wrong my belly have definitely grown. It better have, I am 20 weeks last Friday. Which means we am half […]

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Well I have been a little MIA in blog land lately, and for a good reason! Little Jack has finally arrived! I wanted to share his birth story with all of you (and have it in one place for myself). On Halloween, I started getting pretty consistent contractions around noon. They weren’t super painful though […]

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Today I am hosting a giveaway form the sunglasses ( as pictures above)  from the Vision Expo event that was back in September . Me and Logan were suppose to attend but due to a family emergency could not. The Sunnies they sent are so comfortable and classy. Head over to our Instagram for details on how […]

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    As my husband would say, I am a beauty junkie lol! I am a lover of new beauty products and also a lover of trying and experiencing anything to do with the beauty industry. So when I was asked if I would go to My Salon Suite and have one of the nail […]

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