My “ME” list during pregnancy.

With this being my first pregnancy I feel at times I have felt so overwhelmed. Im sure every “first time mommies to be” have felt the same way I have? Well I would at least hope so ha. With that being said I have come up wth a list of items I have loved using while I have been pregnant. I like to call it “My get through pregnancy kit” ha. This pregnancy has been super hard so anything to help me feel more comfortable or relaxed is 100% worth it. I hope I do not come off as complaining at all. I am not complaining that I am pregnant. Logan and I feel so blessed to be pregnant. We have multiple friends with fertility issues and every time I hear details about it it breaks my heart and makes me cry. I know how blessed Logan and I really are to bring this amazing baby boy into our family. I cant wait until he’s finally here! With that being said here is my “Getting through pregnancy kit”

1.UGG SLIPPERS – Like I said in my pregnancy update post a few weeks ago my feet are so swollen. Im sure it doesn’t help that I love salty foods either ha. But none of my shoes fit and I know these aren’t the “cutest” per say but they are seriously HEAVEN on your feet ha. No matter how swollen my feet are they always fit and feel like I’m walking on a cloud. I was actually surprised I didn’t have to size up in these. My normal size is 7 – 7.5 fit Pre-pregnancy ( They only come in whole sizing so I got the 7), which is a miracle cause every other shoes I own pretty much doesn’t fit me right now.

2. BAREFOOT DREAM ROBE (Nordstrom Exclusive) – With me being pregnant in the dead of winter this robe as been a dream! Hence the name ha ha. I am cold and tired all the time and this robe has been my everyday wear while I am at home working or just lounging. Its SO SO soft guys! I honestly love all this brands stuff and it also washes so well which is always a plus.

3. 2HR EXPRESS SELF TANNING  MOUSSE – If I haven’t preached this enough that “when your skin has some color you feel so much better” ill preach it again. With the weight gain you have during pregnancy adding some color to your skin helps you feel so much better about yourself. At least to me it does. I have tried to put tanner on once a week to help me not feel so pale and big and I think it has totally helped. I missed this last two weeks and I have hated how white I have looked. This 2Hr self tanning mousse in the color dark form Loving tan is my ABSOLUTE favorite. I even leave it on for longer then the 2 hours and I love the olive color it give me.

4. POPCORN – Ok guys I have had the WORST heart burn / acid reflux during the first and third trimester of my pregnancy and it was killing me. Thankfully ash told me about popcorn. It helps so much its so weird. Every person I tell this thinks I am completely crazy. BUT IT WORKS GUYS! I’m telling you. I keep a bowl of it by my bed for when I wake up in the middle of the night with the worst heart burn / acid reflux. It works every time. I love to buy the big bags at Costco with how much I have eaten lately.

5. BELLY AND BACK SUPPORT BAND– I honestly didn’t need this until the middle to end of my second trimester. I use it when I am doing hair or doing house work. It helps so that the end of the day when I crawl info bed my body does ache as bad as usual. I haven’t used the hot/cold pack that came with it for my back yet but I keep planning to and forget to with this pregnancy brain of mine ha. Just a head up they run really big.

6. MICOR-BEAD MINI PILLOWS Ok so not that I do not love my bobby body pillow I do but lately I have been using my FOM mirco-bead mini pillows and they are seriously my sleeping aids.I put one under my belly and one on my back and they support so well. I have loved these pillow every sense I got my hands on one when I was like 12 ha. I remember I stole my moms and it slowly become mine.

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