It’s the beginning of a new week and I don’t have anything major going on which is always a great feeling! Blayne has the week off of school for placement break and we are headed to Arches National Park! We recently got a pass to the local recreation center and we have been spending a lot of time at the indoor pool. I am trying to teach Jack how to swim and it isn’t going as well as swim lessons did last summer. He is older now and more afraid of water. I am determined to have him enjoying the water by the time we move to Las Vegas this summer!

We took these photos a little bit ago with our friend Tori who is the creator of Tori Jones Jewelry! Kristen and I have both been friends with Tori since we were nine years old so it is so fun to do collaborations together like this one. I love the way that her gorgeous pieces look with this elaborate embroidered dress from Maniqa!

All jewelry: Tori Jones Jewelry

My dress: Maniqa

When you think of Las Vegas weddings, you most likely think of drive thru ceremonies where you are married by Elvis in his singing voice. “Thank you, Thank you very much!”  But what we should be focusing on is the amazing luxury weddings that the MGM corporation has to offer. ARIA, one of the many […]

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  Skirt // Caramel fs Necklace // London Amaya Jewelry Happy Valentines Day! I hope you all get lots of chocolate and have a fun date night on Wednesday!

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It has been so fun designing Jack’s room! I honestly am a little bit late because we will be moving in a few months, but better late than never! When Jack was born, we lived in our basement and rented out the top of our house. There is only one bedroom in the basement so […]

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