Braided Half Up 

Tutorial: Missy Sue // Post: HERE

Double Top Knot

Tutorial: Annies Forget Me Knots  // Post: HERE 

Classic Halo Braid

Tutorial: Roxxasaurus // Post: HERE 

Mixed Braid


Tutorial AND post: HERE

Elsa Braid


Tutorial: Rotoscopers // Post: HERE

Pull Through Braid

Post AND Tutorial: HERE 

Pony With A Twist

Tutorial: Fancy Hair // Post: HERE

Snake Braid

Post AND Tutorial: HERE

Fishtail Braid


Tutorial: Howcast // Post: HERE

Half Up Top Knot

Tutorial: Zoella // Post: HERE

Double Fishtail Bun

Tutorial: Amber Fillerup // Post: HERE

Fishtail Pigtails

Tutorial: Fancy Hair // Post: HERE

Mermaid Side Braid

Tutorial: Missy Sue // Post: HERE

French Twist

Tutorial: Lilith Moon // Post: HERE

Messy Top Knot

Tutorial: Oh Hey Vivienne // Post: HERE

Logan and I have LOVED Disney and Disneyland for as long as I can remember. Some people think we’re kids for loving it so much but we don’t care. WE LOVE DISNEY ha ha! Last year we bit the bullet and got season passes that were worth every penny! One of the many pluses to […]

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Kristen’s Bag : Bag: Lulu*s Shirt: Lulu*s Makeup Bag Deodorant Eyedrops Oil Sheets Marc Jacob O!Mega Lash Mascara NYX Lipgloss Nirvana White Biotin Tangle Teezer Sunnies Wallet Ashley’s Bag : Bag: Lulu*s Jumper: Lulu*s                                            […]

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  Here I will be talking about 12 of my favorite empties! Meaning products that I have used till the bottle is empty but loved and will be purchasing again. Hope you guys enjoy! Be sure to share your empties with us. We would love to hear what your fav’s are so we can give […]

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