I have been a baby wearing momma from day 1 of having Jack. My older sister wore her daughter during a trip we took as a family to New Orleans and I thought it seemed so much easier than carrying around a car seat everywhere. I have tried a bunch of different wraps and I like a different one for basically every different activity. I love the WildBird wraps for anytime that you still want to look good. It looks gorgeous and it doesn’t squeeze your body in weird places like some of them do.

Another bonus of this wrap is you can nurse in it! The Honest Company reached out to us with their feeding campaign so I thought I would share my story with you all. I know that nursing can be a touchy subject with a lot of people. Some people feel uncomfortable when people nurse in public, and some people don’t cover up at all. I personally try to cover up but I still get weird looks from people every once in a while. Nursing has been a roller coaster for me. I prepared myself for childbirth by taking classes, listening to birth stories, and talking to anyone and everyone about their experience but I don’t think I realized that breastfeeding would be an adventure in itself. When Jack was first born, he latched on instinctively. I had heard about the “breast crawl” where the baby is placed on the mom’s stomach and the baby will find it’s way to it’s food source. Jack knew what he was doing, but I didn’t. Ha ha! The first two weeks of breastfeeding were EXTREMELY painful. I would dread feeding him. I would pump and give him a bottle during the night because I couldn’t handle the pain on top of no sleep and hormones out of wack. I decided to try Newman’s Ointment which helped a ton, but it wasn’t until about the second week that I feel like I got the hang of it.

Now, breast feeding itself is a breeze. Jack loves milk (a little too much) and other than finding outfits that will work for nursing it is easy for me as well. Like I mentioned before, I do get some strange looks from people every once in a while. However, I imagine that they would be more annoyed if there was a screaming baby in the booth next to them at a restaurant. I have gone back to work 3 days a week and the only issue that I am trying to tackle now is pumping on those days. Finding time to pump in-between patients is a huge challenge. I am debating switching to formula now to make it a little bit easier on me and whoever is watching Jack while I work.

I am a fan of anything personalized- especially when it can have your own handwriting on it! This bracelet from Caitlyn Minimalist reminds me of Alex and Ani bracelets which are really popular right now except I like this one better. My bracelet has my husband’s handwriting on it (he has MUCH better handwriting than I do) ha ha! She has so many other fun styles of bracelets if charm bracelets aren’t your thing!

These earrings from Shiri Avda are truly one of a kind. I absolutely love her shop! These earrings are made of paper as you can see in this photo. It is so fun to wear a piece of art!

Earrings: Shirt Avda // Bracelet: Caitlyn Minimalist // Baby Sling: WildBird // Dress: Similar

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 I have been loving these cute little bibs for Jack from Baby Au Lait! I love the style Serenity + Sky that Jack is wearing in this photo. He is such a drooler lately and his outfits always get drenched if I don’t have one of these on him!     Figuring out how to be a mom […]

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