Blayne and Jack’s shirts: Vacation for Life

My bag: Ayelet Shachar

Jack’s watch and belt: Whee Goods

My watch: Fossil

My earrings: Patination Design

My wrap: MilkSnob 

For all of you Utah friends out there- what is up with this winter?? I can’t believe it is the middle of December and we still haven’t gotten any snow to stick. As much as I dislike the snow, it would be nice to have a white Christmas. On the bright side, we can still do things outdoors like campfires! One of our favorite things to do is tinfoil dinners and s’mores so we decided that a little campfire photo session would be fun. I am sure there will be plenty of snow for the remainder of the winter!


Last week we went to get out Christmas tree. My family has always gotten a real tree where as Logan’s and a lot of my other friends I have come to learn have always had fake trees. I have always loved real trees. I hope that this tradition of always getting a real tree stick […]

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Happy Thanksgiving week! We are in Vegas for the holidays and it has been so nice – it snowed in Utah a few days ago while it was 75 degrees here so we are definitely glad to be in a warmer climate. We took these photos a while back in American Fork Canyon when the […]

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I have been thinking a lot lately about certain instagram influencers or bloggers that I look up to  or super enjoy watching. And I feel like the one common thing I have found in all of them is that they share stuff or things about themselves that make you feel like you personal know them. […]

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Jack Nelson! He is all boy. His favorite things are balls and trucks. He says mamma, dadda, moon, attempts dog, tree, ball, and a bunch of animal noises. He signs a lot of things as well. Still not walking yet but ruins all of his jeans from crawling all over the place! Thank you to […]

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Happy Halloween yesterday babes! Last week we took Dash to his First pumpkin patch ever! Logan and I go to one every year and usually go to the orchards for our picking of a pumpkin but this year we decide to go to an actually Pumpkin Patch and it did not disappoint. It had so […]

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