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Lately I have been listening to a lot of pod cast while I work out. Which is so weird for me usually I listen to music but podcasts I feel like the time flies by and i’m never ever wanting to just skip to the next song per say. One of my favorite pod cast I just listened to is Opera’s Super Soul ( side note I am not the hugest opera fan. I mean i don’t not like her but its not like I love her either) on February 4 with Amy Purdy. I watched the season of Dancing with the stars that she was on but I literally never knew her whole story. As I listened there were times I had tears welling up in my eyes her story is crazy definitely a good interesting listen. Another pod cast I have listened to and loved is Bold New Mom I have mentioned her podcast before but I loved episode 131. Your Future Self. I even made my hubby listen to it. Its a good listen for anyone. Please tell me your favorite podcast to listen to cause I need some new ones for the gym next week.

These pictures are from this last weekend. It was Saturday around 4 and we have been wanting to take a drive up to the mountains literally 5 min away from our house for like forever. So we decided to and of course Dash fell asleep on the drive up so me and Logan got out took some pictures and just talked and relaxed. Then we decided to go further up the mountain and the temperature dropped literally 10-15 degrees in matter of 3-4 min. Of course that was when Dash man woke up and wanted to get out of his seat. He literally loved being outside even though it was pretty cold. He is such an active always wanting to be on the go little boy and I hope that never changes!

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JEANS // JACKET old similar  // VANS // SNAP BACK HAT 

You guys, Utah is so gorgeous. When we first found out that we would be moving to Utah from Las Vegas, we were sad to leave behind friends, family, and all of our favorite restaurants that are open 24/7. We left all of that behind, but we have learned to love Utah for what it […]

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This last week Logan and I went up and visited my sister and her family in Layton, Utah. While we were up there we took family pictures. Fall is in full bloom up there and it is so breath taking. I’m so glad we took the pictures when we did. The dress I’m wearing is […]

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