Dash loves anything that hold him close to my heart. As cheese-y as that sounds its seriously is the truth. I have a few slings but he loves this Lulabu soothing shirt. Usually after I have him in it for about 5-10 min he is fast asleep and super comfortable. I will be so sad the day he doesn’t fit in it any longer. Dash is at such a fun stage he is almost 5 months. Sleep is still not the best, but he is showing so much emotion and I LOVE it.

Guys I have literally been gone all month long traveling. I have loved it. It has been such a fun way to end the summer. I never want it to end. Me and Logan are trying to decide what our next trip will be. We hate to not have a trip to look forward to. So I better get planning. Happy Monday!


Guys have you ever heard of Poppy & Dot the clothing brand and company? It is ran by two moms out of Utah, Tara and Layla. Cutest girls EVER! Here is how you order form Poppy & Dot. You follow them on instagram @poppyanddot  sign up HERE  then after  that all you have to do is comment […]

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Sharing Dash’s Brith story is a little hard for me. I mean it was SO amazing and something I will never forget as long as I live. I do not want to sound like I am complaining but It was definitely the hardest most painful thing I have ever gone through and I want to […]

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