Mission Critical Baby Carrier

Kristen has asked me (Logan her husband) to write today’s blog post which makes perfect sense seeing how the pictures are of Dash and I.  But with this being my very special blog debut, I would like to take the opportunity to let you in on a few things going on in our lives, plus tell you a little bit about myself that you all probably don’t know.

As you all know, Kristen and I had our little baby boy, Dash, just 6 months ago. And let me tell you that having a baby is not what I had expected. It is SO MUCH more.

Let me first start by sharing that I was the one that pushed Kristen to have a baby. Although I shouldn’t say I pushed her into having one as much as just giving her more of a nudge in the right direction. Lol. When I thought of having a baby of my own I imagined (especially since we were having a boy) playing baseball, or throwing the football, building Legos together, shopping for Christmas presents together for Kristen (aka Mom) and just doing things together all the time. I imagined a little “mini me” to do everything with. Well, it turns out that I wanted a toddler and not a baby. Lol. That’s what Kristen tells me. Haha. I definitely did not imagine changing poopy diapers or waking up every hour to a crying baby. Before we had Dash everyone told us, “Man your life is about to change” or “Are you ready for everything to be about him?” I remember having the foolish and selfish thought to myself, “My life is not going to change just because I have a baby. Kristen and I can still do what we do except just bring the baby along with us”. Boy was I wrong! Everything changed. We were at home by 8 o clock every night so we could do our nightly routine with Dash. I call it the 4 “B’s”. Bath. Books. Bottle. Bed. (you will hear all about that in Kristen’s sleep training post coming soon) After a long day of work, taking care of Dash, exercising (Kristen and I are training for a long distance run) and then putting Dash down to bed; Kristen and I have just been exhausted. But things are getting better and better every day. Dash is sleeping better and he is more content and is now crawling. So he keeps us on our toes. But like I said, having a baby is not what I expected, it is SO MUCH more because you look down at this little boy and you look into his eyes and you can’t help but have this overwhelming feeling of love for this little human being. You have THAT moment and it makes all the poopy diapers worth it. It makes all those sleepless night worth it. Everything about having our little Dash-man is SO worth it.

Truth be told I still can’t wait for him to be a toddler so we can do everything together and essentially be “attached at the hip”. But for right now, he is going to sit right here in my baby carrier by Mission Critical and we are going to be attached at the stomach/back. Lol. No joke guys, ever since I got this baby carrier Dash has been in it every min were together. He loves that he can sit literally right in front of me and see everything i’m doing. Plus it helps me because I can have my hands free. This carrier guys is not joke. Mission Critical thought of it all. It fits so comfy and has straps and pockets everywhere needed. I can’t tell you how much I love having a man-ly baby carrier!

Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite slings to carry my Dash man in as well as 10 randoms. First lets talk about the sling. Ever sense Dash was little he has HATED being confined. Even from the time when we were in the hospital with him when he was a new […]

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