Last week we went to get out Christmas tree. My family has always gotten a real tree where as Logan’s and a lot of my other friends I have come to learn have always had fake trees. I have always loved real trees. I hope that this tradition of always getting a real tree stick for our little family every year. With this year being Dash’s first Christmas we didn’t really know how he would react at the Christmas tree lot. The moment we got there he wanted to get down and play with all the wood chips on the ground haha. Don’t get me wrong he liked the trees as well and loved when we would take him up to them so he could touch them. I was so happy when he loved them and that we got videos of him. With this also being our first Christmas of a family of 3 we have a lot of other tradition we want to do. If you have any traditions your family does please share.


Sweater // Legging // Boots 

Earlier this week we went to an event at Green Vally District call Winter Village. There was ice skating (Which we can’t do yet with Dash being so small) yummy food and just a beautiful fun atmosphere. Dash loved all the light and music they had going. We took a few shots from that here. It has been so cold and windy here all week but that night was actually really nice.


Jack Nelson! He is all boy. His favorite things are balls and trucks. He says mamma, dadda, moon, attempts dog, tree, ball, and a bunch of animal noises. He signs a lot of things as well. Still not walking yet but ruins all of his jeans from crawling all over the place! Thank you to […]

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   Kristen’s Outfit: Dress: Express | Heels: Express | Earrings: Express | Bag: Express Ashley’s Outfit: Dress: Express | Heels: Express | Earrings: Express | Bag: Express  We loved styling this “It” dress by EXPRESS! It comes in many colors and looks great with heels or flats. This is a staple piece that everyone needs […]

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