It has been so fun designing Jack’s room! I honestly am a little bit late because we will be moving in a few months, but better late than never! When Jack was born, we lived in our basement and rented out the top of our house. There is only one bedroom in the basement so we shared a room with him and we never really had a nursery for him. We moved into the whole house a little less than a year ago, and it has been amazing! I don’t know how we ever lived in a 700 square foot space with a new baby. It really is funny how your perspective changes. When we moved upstairs I remember thinking it was WAY more space than we needed. Now I am thinking this 1400 square foot house is way too small.

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Hexagon shelves // Barnwood USA Home Decor

Wooden toys on wheels // Arks and Animals

Teepee // Mini camp LT

Wooden peg dolls // Tiffany Lee Studio // use code ‘ALLURE’ for 30% off

Pillow case // House of Seance

Dinosaur planters // J Plank Designs

Jack’s fox play suit // Thumbelina Workshop

Letterboard // Bronson and Meek // Use code ‘ALLURE’ for 10% off

Montessori desk // Toddler in Family

Felt giraffe // Yulia Kochevykh

My skirt // Kennedy Elise

Leather pouf // Morocco Handicrafts

Airplane clock and music box // Owen’s Adventures

Felt fire // Hopewell Creek // use code ‘THEALLUREAVENUE15’ for 15% off

Airplane mobile // Dundry Hill

Alphabet magnets // Mazais Meistars

Leather swing // Whee Goods