Happy weekend everyone 🙂 We have so many fun plans this weekend. Im so happy its finally the weekend! Todays outfits I am sharing some of my favorite pieces from Wrangler. I know what your thinking wrangler is a western brand right? Well they also have some super edgy statement pieces I love. Anyways I feel like I haven’t done 8 randoms lately so here we do 🙂

1.Logan and I joined a gym! And I seriously am in love with the gym haha. We have been doing so good with going 3 or more times a week. We are honestly so lucky to have my parents and Logan’s so close to where we live. They love taking Dash for us for about an hour or so, so we can go and its such a blessing!

2. Logan got us massages for my birthday and we are going tomorrow morning to get them. We love massages. I feel like we don’t go get them enough but I love the whole experience of a spa day. At the resort were going to they have for the spa guests a personal pool ,spa and dry and wet saunas. We just love to go and spend a few hours and relax. Great gift idea if you are needing one for Valentines day for your hubby or wife.

3. Dash turns 10 months is 2 days.. WHAT?! How can he be so old? He is seriously so fun to be around. He’s my best little buddy and I can’t wait until his first birthday party!

4. A new season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix came out I think last month and I am so proud of myself for not trying to finish it in literally 2-3 days ha ha. It is one of the only shows we watch as a Netflix besides The Ranch so when a whole new season comes out I want to make it last so I never don’t have a show to watch.

5.Next weekend is my sweet niece Olivia’s 9th Birthday! We are going up to the Salt Lake area for the weekend and I am so excited! I love being around my sister family and her fun kids. I am soooo EXCITED!

6.I am drinking hot chocolate right now which is so weird. I honestly don’t have a love for hot chocolate but I have been craving it the last few days so this morning I decided to give in and enjoy a cup.

7.Valentines day is coming up and I am so excited for the PINK photo shoot we have planed for it. I seriously have loved pink ever since I was little and realized that I have a ton of pink things ( nail polishes, Sunnies, bags ) that I need to wear more and this time of year is seriously perfect to do so 🙂

8. Because Logan and I have being going to the gym a lot lately I have been trying to get my pod cast listening in while we are there. I have been so OBSESSED with the pod cast Bold New Mom. It really isn’t even just for mom’s. Its for any girl who want to feel better in their own skin, deals with anxiety-self worth issues and a million more things. I swear any issue you have she has a pod cast to listen to that will make you feel so much better once the listening is over. GO check her out!

1st outfit DRESS (similar HERE and HERE )// BAG// WATCH// BRACELETS