Happy hump day! Blayne and I took these photos during one of our park days, which are pretty regular now that Jack is old enough to play with most of the equipment. I normally am in workout clothes when we go to the park (whether I work out that day or not) and these are seriously the most comfortable workout clothes that I have ever owned from Shop Stevie with M and K.



How cute is this boy?? I love seeing excitement on his face. We are planning a trip to Disneyland in the spring and hope to see a lot more of this excited face while we are there. His cute hat is from Binky Bro and his clothes are from Giggle Six Clothing.        .

This cute dog has gotten so left out lately. Ever since Jack was born, he hasn’t debuted on the blog as frequently as he used to. We thought we would show him some love and let him model this cute dog collar and leash from Mimi Green.


Blayne recently accepted a job in Las Vegas so we will be moving back when he graduates in April. It is definitely a bitter-sweet situation. We thought that we were going to hate Utah, but we have grown to love it here. There are so many family activities to do. We are in walking distance of THREE amazing parks and the mountains are only a 10 minute drive. We are still excited for this new chapter of our lives though, and to be closer to family again.