One of my New Years resolutions is to pamper myself more. Moms don’t do this enough and it is so easy to feel drained at the end of the day! One of my favorite ways to wind down at night when we put Jack to bed is to take a relaxing bath. I found this perfect bath tray¬†from Rustic Pine Creation with everything you need for a perfect bath- a place for your ipad or book, enough room for all of your products, and even a drink holder (mine is sparkling cider)!

This wallpaper is so fun! A few months ago we shared Jack’s playroom where we put up removable wallpaper and we fell in love! Our bathroom needed a touch of color so we added this wallpaper from Costa Cover and I think it made the space pop!

If you have been following us for a while, you know that I love natural skin remedies. I found some of the best natural handmade products from Etsy to share with you all. The bath bombs, oil, and soap are from Lizush and all of them smell SO good! The bath salts, body butter, and face mask are from Made with love by KM and smell equally as good. These products are great because they are affordable and unlike expensive products that you would find at beauty counters, there are no fillers in them that cause irritation in the skin.

Bath Bombs, oil, and soap: Lizush

Earrings: Linda Tucker Jewellry

Bath Tray: Rustic Pine Creation

Bath Salts, face mask, and body butter: Made with love by KM

Removable Wallpaper: Costa Cover