Jack’s helper stool: Toddler in Family

Santa bookmark: My Bookmark (they are offering 10% off right now)

Nativity peg dolls: Precious Pegs

My earrings: Accessories by Flavia

Our matching shirts: Buds Roses

When becoming a mom, you sign up to learn a whole new language. You quickly learn which sippy cups are actually spill-proof, which baby carrier to use for which activity, loads of different parenting methods, and kid Netflix shows that make you want to pull your hair out. One method that I had never heard of until I had Jack was the Montessori learning method. While I don’t agree 100% with this method, I love that it focuses on child-led learning. This stool that I found from Toddler in Family is so perfect for Jack to learn to help me in the kitchen. He loves it and I do too (anything beats him pulling on my leg the whole time while I am cooking dinner). The coolest part about this stool is it can be transformed into a table and chair. Two for one!

When we took these photos, we were decorating gingerbread cookies and Jack loved it! He doesn’t completely understand Christmas yet, but he is definitely loving the activities, especially the Christmas lights! These peg dolls are some of his favorite toys right now. He loves to put the baby Jesus in his manger. I hope you all have an amazing Christmas with your families!