Pj’s : Pat Pat¬†ours here // Felt balls : Hobby lobby // Wooden Balls: KLDesignCo¬†mine here // Christmas Ornaments Set: Target

Christmas is in 10 days. Wait WHAT?! Why is December flying by ? It makes me so sad I love this month but I am super excited for Christmas! Here are 8 Randoms of what has been going on lately.

1.Logan and I are the biggest procrastinators this year. We have only the shopping done for my sisters kids. hahah This next week will be like crunch time getting gifts.

2.Tonight we have Logan’s work Christmas party and then tomorrow we will be up in Utah at my Dads side of the family’s Christmas Party. We have had the busiest week this week.

3.Tomorrow I am finally getting my hair done. Logan always wants me to go way more blonde then I ever want to. I never decide if i will until like right at the appointment.

4.I went grocery shopping this last week and they had Sprite Cranberry! It is like only out during the holidays. Make sure you get some the next time you are at the store its so yummy. ( I mean its no Diet Coke lol but i is still yummy)

5.Dash is cutting through so many teeth lately and usually is in pain during the day. My poor baby!

6.This year my favorite Christmas movies have been The Family Stone, While You Were Sleeping and Santa Claus. Fun fact growing up my cousin Haylee would want to watch Santa Claus literally all year long. We hung out literally what felt like everyday when we were younger and so watching Santa Claus all year round was totally normal when I was younger.

7.I really want to go down to the Bellagio and watch the water show and see the Conservatory and Botanical Garden it so pretty during Christmas. I think we may try and go next week.

8.This Monday we are going to make Christmas Cookies! I am so excited it it so fun to make them and give them out to our neighbors.