So I am embarrassed to say that I got the idea of making an imagination hat wall from “Baby Boss” but I think it turned out really cute, especially with the various animal masks! I don’t know if you all have heard of this removable wall paper yet, I think that I am a little bit late to find out about it. A friend of mine told me about it and uses it in her house that she rents to give her rooms the look that she wants without painting. I am in awe at how many cute prints that I was able to find at BC Magic Wallpaper and how easy it was to put up! It adds a fun touch to a kids room without having to change anything permanently.

  “Imagination” wall decal: Creative Expressionsz

Raccoon hat: Romp and Pomp

Sheepskin rug: Herd Design

Jack’s shoes: Ebooba

Tent: Made Pretty Again

Jack’s jumper: Lark

Jack’s bandana bib: My chubby cheeks baby

My necklace: AleliJewels

“Jack” letters: MiaJulesLove

Pirate blanket: Captain Silly Pants

Animal Masks: Pokiplays

Cactus removable wallpaper: BC Magic Wallpaper