Today I am sharing with you one of my favorite slings to carry my Dash man in as well as 10 randoms. First lets talk about the sling. Ever sense Dash was little he has HATED being confined. Even from the time when we were in the hospital with him when he was a new born he hated when the nurses would swaddle him up and tie his arms down. So any sling that doesn’t make him feel like he is totally tied down with his arms he likes. Just as you can see in the pictures he always wants his arms out hahah. So the Wildbird sling has worked really well for us. We love our Wild Bird to say the least. Now as for 10 randoms.

  1. As I sit here writing these I’m exhausted tired guys. Dash tossed and turned last night and made me feel like I never really slept. His monitor kept going off so it made me worried he was awake. He has been doing so good lately with sleeping  but last night was rough.
  2. I have been trying a new hair routine and loving it! I am going to do a post on it for you guys in the near feature… My hair just needs to be colored and once I get it done ill do pictures and a post all about it.
  3. Loosing baby weight after a baby is no joke people. I have been trying to diet and workout 3-4 times a week and I honestly am loving the working out part. But the diet I am struggling with. EKKK gotta stay strong!
  4. Last Saturday our church had a Woman’s General Broadcast. I LOVED listening to the talks on self worth and being a better woman. If you are not LDS but wanting to listed to some up lifting speakers be sure to listen HERE.
  5. Lately I have gone so much longer in-between nail polish changes so my nails have been naked for longer periods of time and I HATE it so much. I love having my nails done. Is it stupid to say that I feel more put together when I have them done !?
  6. Dash is 6 months is a WEEK … Where has the time gone? He is in such a fun stage right now. I love the older he gets and the more his personality is coming out.
  7. I started watching Hocus Pocus this week and burning our pumpkin pie candles because guys I LOVE FALL! Im so sad Bath and Body doesn’t have the Pumpkin Pie candle this season yet.( lucky I had some left over from last year) 🙁 I hope they get them as the season goes on.
  8. I am going to try out Rodan and Fields skin care starting next week. I am excited to try it and think I’m going to do a review for you guys about how it goes! Let me know your favorite skin care products by them if you guys have used it.
  9. We just got our halloween costume in the mail yesterday and I am super excited! Dash’s is seriously so cute. Logan wanted to throw a Halloween party this year so I have been trying to work on all the details of that.
  10. Guys Logan and I have been sleep training Dash for a while now and it’s SERIOUSLY PURE GOLD! Every new mom and dad need to know about it. I am writing a post about it and will be sharing Dash’s Room and all my tips on how sleep training went for us so stay tuned.

Baby sling : WILD BIRD // Dash’s Shirt : TARGET // Dash’s pants : OLD NAVY // Dash’s Moccs : FRESHLY PICKED // My Shirt (old) Similar : FREE PEOPLE // My leggings : COTTON ON (MY FAVORITE LEGGINGS OF ALL TIME) // My shoes : VINCE via Nordstrom // My nail polish : ESSIE color Midnight Cami ( Favorite Fall nail color )