A few years ago, Kristen and I took photos at the Young Living lavender fields HERE and HERE. We had so much fun smelling and picking the lavender. They only bloom once a year around late June-July and it happened that we were passing by them on our way to a family lake trip while they were in bloom so we planned our visit. I partnered with Westerwisp to feature this gorgeous flower comb. I have never seen real flowers in hair combs but these ones are 100% real! They are perfect for weddings, special occasions, or even family photoshoots! I paired it with my EtenIren earrings and Fragkiski handmade Greek sandals. Jack loved the lavender fields. Honestly, he loves doing anything outside with dirt and bugs. Most of the time it ends up in his mouth which is always fun. Every time I would try to get him to smell the flowers, he would go in for a bite. He definitely got a taste of lavender while taking these photos. Ha ha!

Earrings: EtenIren // Flower combs: Westerwisp // Jack’s romper: canailleetpolisson  // Sandals: Fragkiski // My dress: Nordstrom