This summer being my first time mom summer, I have tried to stay very minimal in my getting ready. If you know me at all that is super hard to do. I love taking my time getting ready. I honestly find it therapeutic. In High school I would take literally all afternoon to get ready to go hang out at night with my friends. I would shower, shave, apply fake tanner, wash my hair, Which would like about 3 hours total no joke. Then I would do my makeup, curl my hair and just take my sweet time. I loved it! Now being a mom I do not fine myself having time to do that so anything I can do to make life a little easier when getting ready I try to do. Me and my sister were talking while at the pool yesterday and saying how hard it is with a baby to have time to do your hair. She was saying she was debating cutting her hair cause she feels like she never does it. Which I totally get. If you see me with my hair actually done and not up in a top knot know it was a good day and I had a little time for me ha ha.

I made a list of my summer favorites. Things that I find easy to do while being busy and taking care of a new born.

  1. The Moroccanoil hydration shampoo and conditioner. With all the swimming I do in the summer and with the dry heat the summer brings I love the smell and how soft this makes my hair.
  2. Poppy &  Pout Is the new name for the Bloke products I reviewed on the blog here. This Island Coconut scrub is literally lotion in the water. It exfoliates yet makes your skin so hydrated and soft like you put on lotion. When I was prego I loved this scrub as well. At night when I was the bath and dreaded putting on lotion when I got out from being so tired, I would love to use this because it took care of that step while I was in the bath! Major favorite of so many reasons. But lets be real I love all there scrubs
  3. The Sephora lash curler. I have tried so many lash curlers and hated them so much. I hated how they would kink my lashes instead of curl them. So when I found this Sephora one I have bought it year after year. They tend to last me a year usually. It is on sale so be sure to check it out.  I love curling my lashes even if I am just going to the pool or beach. I think it just helps open your eyes and make them look bigger.
  4. You have heard me and ash talk about how much we love our Albion Fit suits before. Let me tell you with my post baby body this style of suit by them has been my saving grace. I hate how no one really tells you that your body will take so much longer to get back to semi normal then you think. I honestly wasn’t to do a boy just talking about that but that is for another day. I love the Tessa Off Shoulder suit so much I wish they had it in more prints and colors. All their suits are super high quality and just fit so well. They are definitely worth the money and last more then one summer.
  5. My Quay High Key Aviator sunnies are definitely a fav this summer. I actually got them for Christmas last year form log. If you are wanting huge sunnies these are your sunnies! I seriously am a total sucker so big sunglasses I have been ever sense I can remember.
  6. The Sephora Microsmooth Baked eyeshadow Trio. It is on MAJOR SALE and has so many pretty shades. I love shade 02 Sunday. Popping the gold and cream colors on the corners of my eyes is super easy and natural looking.  Prefect for summer to just add a little pop to your natural looking make up look.
  7. And last but not least is the Hydro flask. I love taking this to the gym or to the pool with me. It is super easy to carry, doesn’t spill and keeps your drinks so cold for up to 24 hours. I am definitely a Yeti lover and this is super similar.