I have had my eye on the Skagit Valley tulip fields for quite a while (thanks to Pinterest) so I was stoked when we started planning our trip to Washington. We were in Seattle a few months ago HERE, but we only spent a day at Pikes Market and didn’t really get to see the nature side of Washington. I have to say that I like this side of Washington a lot more. The yellow flowers were reminiscent of a Wizard of Oz scene. If you end up going next year, make sure that you wear sandals because it is a little bit muddy in places. The ones I wore from Marvo Sandals were super comfortable and up for the job.

My clutch is from My Lacy Boutique. I love the patchwork of different pastel colors.

That smile! This boy has been so smiley since he was about 2 months old. That little grin makes all of the sleepless nights and dirty diapers worth it. As I have mentioned before in previous posts, I am obsessed with bandana bibs for Jack! He is quite the drooler and has gotten his first to teeth on the bottom so he is in a constant state of drooling. These bibs are so cute and do a great job of catching all of that drool! This one’s from Kinder Sprouts.

My clutch: My Lacy Boutique

Jack’s bib: Kinder Sprouts

Sandals: Marvo Sandals