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When The Honest Company asked Ashley and I to share our breast feeding experience I was SUPER hesitant at first. Breast feeding is such a controversial thing in the mommy world. Some have a huge option on it and others don’t. I am Pro-breastfeeding due to breast milk being literally liquid gold. But I totally get it when its just not your thing. So I though to myself if my story can help a fellow mom who is in the same boat as me, I will totally share. There is nothing more comforting as a new mom to know that there is another mom out there who understand and feel how you feel.

Dash has seriously been a champ and latched coming out the wound no joke. Within being in my arms for 5 -10 min once born he was looking to latch on. Which made it super easy to nurse in the beginning. My milk came in about 4-5 days after he was born and my boobs KILLED guys and I mean KILLED! I have very large breast to start with I have my entire life. So having my milk come in so strong Dash couldn’t keep up with how much I was making and how large they were making it hard to latch which forced me to pump. I started to try to breast feed as much in the day as I could while still pumping to keep form being engorged but by night I would just pump and feed him the bottles to make it more easy and to keep him asleep. Which totally works for me. As of now we have been going back and forth with breast feeding and pumping. I am trying to get it to where all day we just breastfeed then I will pump at night. Just as it is with everything though you have good days and bad days. I am going to try my best to keep breastfeed for up to 4-5 months. We will see how it goes. A few tips I have learned along the way to help make breast feeding a little easier are.

  1. Try timing how long they are on each side. Feed them 10-12 min on one side then as long as they will go on the other to avoid getting engorged or getting clogged milk ducts (which kill so bad). If you do get clogged milk ducts like me I used a heating pad on the boob and got in warm baths and showers.
  2. Make sure you and baby are comfortable so you can both relax. If you aren’t relaxed while your breastfeeding baby wont be either.
  3. Keep track of how long you are going in between feeding. So baby isn’t starving when its time to relax and latch. Dash at first would go about 2 hours in between feedings now he goes about 3-4 hours with him weighing more.
  4. Side note for baby acne and conjunctivitis in there little eyes use breast milk to help it go away. CRAZY I KNOW?! It’s voodoo i swear it works guys I’m telling you. I put it all over dash’s face and in the corner of his eye so when he blinked it when in and it helped so much! ( thanks you to Lexi my eyebrow microblading girl for the hint) That’s why its called liquid gold people it works good in so many ways.
  5. Don’t give up girl! I know its hard I know it hurts ha ha but it will be worth it for babies heath.