IMG_0330NewIMG_0290New1IMG_0366NewIMG_0388New IMG_0719NEW IMG_0411New IMG_0440New IMG_0575 IMG_5785 IMG_5825 IMG_5813Ever since I was a little girl, lavender has always been one of my FAVORITE scents. Of course, when you are little you don’t know the name; you just know the familiar smell. When I was younger when I would smell lavender I would think of my mom. She had lavender scented pouches in all of her drawers that made all of her clothes have a hint of lavender. So from a very young age lavender has been a love of mine; lavender candles, lavender oil, lavender room spray, and even lavender bath salts are just a few of the products that I use. Let’s just say, if it comes in lavender I have probably owned it. So when I got to run through the fields and smell the organic smell of the lavender flowers, I was in a little piece of my very own heaven!

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